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Frequently asked Questions


Are you insured?

Yes I am Fully insured up to £5.000.000 this allows me to work in schools and public places. Certificate can be produced upon request.

Why do you provide estimates and not quotes?

In this type of work, sometimes other problems are found and the price needs to be negotiated to cover the extra work. A quote would be a fixed price and not subject to change.

How should I contact you?

You can contact me by Email,Text and phone. I do use Whatsapp however I only check this if I know someones sending a photo. The quickest and most reliable way would be by text message and I would avoid voicemail if possible. If you do not get a reply within 48 Hrs please try again as something may have failed.

What methods of payment do you except?

I accept Cheques, Cash, Bank Transfer and all major credit cards. Please note cheques can now be processed and funds collected in 24hrs via online scanning. Please use black ink when writing cheques. Payment terms are on the bottom of invoice.

Do You Use Sub-contractors?

No, When you meet me what you see is what you get. My reputation is everything to me so I will always be the person to complete the work.

Why should I leave you a review?

Leaving me a review on google or yell will help other customers in their decision making process. It also gives an indication on my performance to specific tasks. Good or bad these reviews are a benchmark for quality and service and are a driving force for me in improving and delivering what the customer deserves.

F.A.Q cont....

If I contact you, will you keep calling me?

No, one thing I hate is company`s that keep phoning you everyday trying to get your work. Once you have contacted me and arranged for a visit, you will then recieve your estimate and maybe a follow up text \ email to ensure you have recieved it.